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3 Reasons Why All Musicians Should Open a Pop-Up Shop

Yes, all musicians should open a pop-up shop.

I’ll use Real Estate (the band) as an example to why opening a pop-up shop for their next album makes perfect sense (not to mention their name is almost synonymous with an empty retail space).
Here are three reasons all musicians should open a shop:

(1) New Album Launches. Real Estate is currently working on a new album. Their last album “Days” received an 8.7 from Pitchfork. It’s likely that their next album will drive even more interest and a place to encompass that passion offline beyond their concerts presents a more personal avenue for the band to tell their story and allow fans to get to know them. Events, appearances, and signings should all be included. The more creative the better.

(2) Accessible Retail Stores in Touring Cities. Like most bands, Real Estate is touring and selling their wears at the venues they perform at. They also have an online store. Where venues provide access to current fans at night, pop-up stores provide access to future fans during the day.

(3) Connect with Your Home Town. Real Estate is from New Jersey. Most bands have a strong connection to their beginnings and why it’s important to support their hometown fans and family that supported their genesis. Why not repay them with an exclusive pop-up experience that celebrates your homecoming.

Reference: thestorefront.com