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4 Ways to Fund Your Pop-Up Shop

Before you can pop-up your shop, you need capital. The good news is that there are many opportunities for you to get the resources you need. Below are just a few of the more popular options for finding people who are willing to help.

1. Kickstarter is a popular online crowdfunding option. When you crowdfund, you offer rewards in exchange for cash that you use to build your business. These awards are generally your business’s products that you will provide to the participants in the future. Only projects that fit within certain categories, such as fashion, can use Kickstarter. The project must have a definitive goal, such as producing a fashion line. If you are unable to meet your goal, all the funds are returned and you are not required to provide the awards. If you meet your goal, five percent of what you raised goes to Kickstarter.

2. Indiegogo, another popular crowdfunding option. This site allows you to fund more types of projects than Kickstarter and only charges a four percent fee on projects that meet their fundraising goal.  You can receive funds even if you do not meet your goal, but you would pay Indiegogo nine percent of what you raised.

3. Reach out to people offline. If your business already has fans, try asking them for support by offering special deals or securing pre-orders for future products. This can get you the cash you need as well as help you build a better relationship with your best customers.

4. Pitch your boss. Many small business owners work a 9-to-5 job while they develop their business. In some cases, your boss could be a mentor and a possible source of capital. This is a risky option, though, so only consider it if you have a very positive relationship with your employer.

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