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How to Pop-Up in a Vacant Store

Utilizing a vacant retail space for your pop-up shop is about more than having a physical storefront; it’s about joining and participating in the local community, if only for a short amount of time. To be successful, it is not enough to merely open the doors. Your pop-up shop should appeal and tailor its message to the tastes of the community where it is located. That means doing your research and taking action before you move into the space.

1. Get to know the neighborhood: Prior to opening, visit the other stores, restaurants and coffee shops in the area. Consider introducing yourself to the owners, this builds rapport and potential support network. Between browsing the other stores and talking with the owners, you can gain a better sense of what people in the community desire.

2. Be on the lookout for fliers advertising local events: Especially during the spring and summer, communities have festivals and outdoor fairs that are open to the general public. You can use these events to learn more about the community and you may be able to sell your goods in an environment where there would be a lot of potential customers.

3. Reach out to the local media: This used to be limited to getting the local paper to write about your pop-up shop. Now there are blogs, community centric e-newspapers, email listservs, and other online resources that allow you to reach specific segments of the community that might be interested in your pop-up store.

4. Remember to stay true to your brand: While it’s important to market yourself to the community, you do not want to surrender your identity and personality either. Before opening, identify the key characteristics of your products that make them unique and be sure to accentuate those details in your space. When possible, figure out ways to demonstrate how your products’ traits appeal to the neighborhood’s tastes.

Reference: thestorefront.com