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Top 10 Reasons to Start a Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up shops are engaging, eye-catching and fun. Here are 10 reasons to create your own:

1. Cross-channel selling works. According to Forrester.com, “By 2016 44% of offline retail sales will be influenced by the web. Despite consumer behavior such as “showrooming” (inspecting items in person and purchasing them online), the volume of in-store sales resulting from web research — cross-channel sales — is significantly greater than that of online retail sales.” Having a quick pop-up shop can allow customers to “showroom” and visit your website to purchase merchandise.

2. Vacancy rates are double the history average. What’s with all the “For Lease” signs on Main Street? Vacancy rates are at 9.6% (www.danter.com), which is double the historical rate. Why not fill those open spaces with a pop-up shop? Add to your community and brand.

3. Get your brand seen. Starting a pop-up shop will allow you to reach an entirely new demographic of customers without the risk of opening a brick-and-mortar store.

4. Enhance the community. Cities like New York City and San Francisco are revitalizing their areas with new brands and products. This brings new customers and revenue to the community.

5. Local markets are flourishing. The number of farmers markets has quadrupled since 1994 (http://goo.gl/BbeiZ). What’s driving that force? People shopping locally! Start a pop-up store and build a better relationship with the people that shop in your area.

6. Big-box retailers are hosting pop-up shops. Storefront isn’t just for the Etsy shop owner; it’s also for big brands like JC Penny, Gap and Target. JC Penny is using a store-within-a-store model and revamping their merchandise selection by partnering with other smaller retailers. Pop-up shops offer big brands like JC Penny new market testing and a unique experience for their customer.

7. Sell limited-time inventory. Didn’t sell all of last seasons t-shirts? Starting a pop-up shop can help promote “limited-time” products. Also- try new pricing strategies. Will people pay 35$ for your pot-and-pan holder? Find out!

8. Try a new business idea. Meet with potential investors, create buzz and launch your brand. Release butterflies. Make blue lemonade. Make cotton candy unicorns. Try it and see what people think!

9. Develop a more engaging retail experience. According to a projection by Jack Loechner with MediaPost, 75% of US retailers will be developing a more engaging retail environmentexperience. One option is pop-ups- a unique way to reach out to consumers and give them a very different view of your brand.

10. Now is the right time. Pop-ups benefit your bottom line, the community and your customer. We’ve just given you 10 excellent reasons to start a pop-up shop. What are you waiting for?

Reference: thestorefront.com