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Five reasons why every Brand should start their own Pop Up Shop

According to a recent survey by Google India, 38% of people like to do online shopping more than getting it from the stores nearby. That being said, we cannot neglect the factor that people still like to know what they are buying and from whom they are buying.

So, in order to promote your Business/Product, you should still need to have a presence where people can physically feel the comfort, when they try buying it online. So, if you are a brand who is looking for attention in the local market, you should start a Pop Up shop.

What is a Pop Up shop?

Pop-Up Shops (a.k.a Temporary Retail or Flash Retail) are short term shops that sell merchandise. Pop-Up shops are typically open anywhere and duration can be from 1 day to couple of months.

Pop-Up shops are used to sell pretty much anything. It can be Clothing, Jewellery, Art, Crafts, Tech Gadgets, Food or whatever you are selling.

Pop-Up shop is a great way to do market analysis, try out product demand or customer behavior in a particular location.

Reasons to start your own Pop Up shop

1. Getting online only is no longer enough!
Web has become a crowded place with a daily deluge of new products, brands, content and marketplace for online shoppers and competition is no longer affordable for new brands considering investments in advertising and marketing.

2. Achieve multiple Goals with Pop Up shops

Pop Up shops can help you achieve many goals in a temporary setting with less investment. Some of goals include market research, brand promotion, marketing and spreading brand awareness.

3. Increasing your Customer Engagement
When people walk into your store, they are literally walking into the life of your brand. This physical reality gives people a kind of trust, promise and connection that cannot be felt online. It’s an experience in all five senses.

4. Focused Learning and Testing 
Get your ingredients to someone else’s kitchen and test your recipe! You can test your product or business for things like usability, price sensitivity and market response. Learning from these will help you better your results.

5. Better Customer Education
Last but not the Least! Customers will have an idea in real world about your product. So, you will be able to sell online because you already have established a trust and connection with your customers.