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Five reasons why Pop Up Stores are better than traditional advertising

Let’s start with the basics of what we mean by pop up stores.

Pop-Up shops are used to sell pretty much anything. It can be Clothing, Jewellery, Art, Crafts, Tech Gadgets, Food or whatever you are selling. The Pop Up Stores are setup for short term. The duration can be couple of hours to weeks, but the concept is to have a temporary presence so that one can reach out to customers.

Reasons why Pop Up Stores are better than traditional advertising.

1. Engage Customers with Experience
When you have a Pop Up store, you are inviting your customers to feel your product/brand closely. Your customers indeed will get an experience and trust in your product.

2. Create Urgency
When you say that you are open for only a few days, you are creating an impression on your customers to grab it soon. It is proven that excited shoppers are more open to buy than people who look around.

3. Create Buzz and get recognized
When you open a Pop Up Store, you get a chance to trend better than the retail stores around you with colours, setup and excitement. This will help you spread the word around about your product or brand.

4. Cut Costs
Affordability is a big factor when it comes to renting a space in India. You can either get an affordable rental or get cuts in deposit. Getting both is impossible unless you have a Pop Up Store for your product. 

5. Flexible Tool
Pop Up Stores are too flexible when it comes to setting and moving around. It can be done on a moving truck or a small plot in a street. So, moving the setup is as easy as an food truck bringing you deliciousness.

To sum it all, The biggest advantage of pop-up stores is their potential to grow into permanent local businesses by establishing the presence of your Brand. Pop Up Stores come and go along the road, but the point is bringing energy and serving customers.