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AllMarken way of converting your Dreams into Reality

Interior Design is, in essence, a part of a larger discipline that is architecture. Both interior design and architecture are the act of designing within a space, and have been adopted to differentiate the unique foci of work of the interior environment.

It all Started with a Client!

The best part of AllMarken is how we started together, to solve actual problems faced by most of the brands when they wanted to run pop-up stores in India.

One of our clients, when in need of urgent pop up store was looking for both space to setup and a designer who could turn his dreams into reality. So we got a big task of not just to find a perfect place for them to run pop-up’s, but also to find someone who can turn magic wand around the place to make it look perfect.

Thanks to a Startup’s Event, where we met AllMarken. There is a popular saying in our industry, “Finding the Perfect Solution at the Perfect Time is the actual answer for your Problem”. And, that was exactly what happened to our problem when we met Nainika & Niniksha, the Founders of AllMarken.

Rest, went well and here we are praising their help and work!

What is AllMarken all about?

Nainika, the founder of AllMarken describes AllMarken as “A blend between designing what you like and dream to see in your retail or corporate space and creating it for you”.

I describe AllMarken as “A way to transform individual environments, into beautiful, well designed, functional, fun and supportive places for your businesses and brands to work and grow”.

How could AllMarken help you?

From my non-architect mind, AllMarken turns your empty commercial space into a beautiful structure with great interiors.

They will undertake an end to end service that will include everything from planning to execution and even after sales service. AllMarken is a tailor made solution that will take your retail and customer experience to the next level.

Why AllMarken?

Finding a space is as easy as 1-2-3 with FindSpace.in, but finding a perfect commercial interior designer, that might be a challenge, unless you meet AllMarken. So, here are some of the reasons why I think AllMarken could be your answer too.

· They Care:

In exact words, they are the problem solvers with a personal touch. AllMarken has their own way of serving clients. Their perfect mix and match of team, has not just been good at work but also caring with every tiny concern we’ve had.

· They Deliver:

Promises are made by everyone and a very few people deliver! We believe in delivering than making promises and so does the AllMarken. They have just been delivering the best!

· They’re Innovative

They create a synergy between interiors and architecture that inspires and excites. They are the perfect drivers of innovation, imagination, excellence and uniqueness. And by the way, this is quoted from our client’s word of mouth.

To sum it up with my words, their holistic approach to every design project is the force behind interiors that are aesthetic, practical and sophisticated.

So, if you are looking for an Interior designer in Bangalore, you are in luck if you could find AllMarken (www.allmarken.com)

Prashanth Jagadeesh
Digital Marketing Specialist, FindSpace.in