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How to Optimize your Retail or Selling Space?

As said in Jamaica, “Keep your Shop well and your Shop will keep you well
Retail Space or Selling Space is designed to generate footfalls and function as consumer magnets. This is the place where you sell your products, services or promote your business. Optimizing the way you sell is really important to get most out of it.

By saying that, let’s see the reasons why we need to optimize the retail space:
  • 70-80% of the decisions are made in the shop
  • Attractive shops makes a huge difference in customer satisfaction & sales
  • Arrangement of products or categorizing them in a proper way gets you more sales
  • Finding the proper space for your retail space helps you target your customers
Now, let’s see how we can optimize your retail store: 

1. Maximize visibility and brand value 
Placing relevant information among product increases product awareness and opportunity to up and cross sell them. 

2. Improve product display and reduce labour cost 
Improving the way you present your product and enhancing them properly will give you a great outcome. Giving a better view of product range to your customers will help in increased sales and time spent

3. Increase time spent and drive traffic 
Well lit store can help you highlight specific products and also attracts a lot of customers. There are many plug and play options that can be used. One of other ways of making this happen is playing a soothing music. This done, you will be able to make customers spend more time in your store, thereby buying that extra time for selling. 

4. Stock up your Shelves 
Think like a customer! Let’s take a small example from wallmart and the way they stock up their inventory. When people go to wallmart to see more stuff on shelves, they end up buying something they dint even plan while stepping inside. 

5. Good Customer Experience 
40 per cent of shoppers were sure that improvement in the customer experience would make them spend more in a shop. The warmth, good behaviour, high sales pitch and promotions are some of the ways you can give a better customer experience. 

While marketing can certainly impact that number, your focus can’t be just about attracting new customers. In fact, if you’ve felt meeting your retail sales projections depends solely on the number of shoppers who show up at your door, and then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Think like a customer, walk in their shoes for a day – We are sure you can get more ways!

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