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IND vs PAK world cup cricket match: Cashing in on the cricket fever!

With all of this excitement for the IND vs PAK game, cities hosting cricket matches are missing out on an amazing opportunity, pop-up shops.

Normally, fans have to trek to outlying mass market mall retailers and malls to seek out sports memorabilia and their favorite player’s jerseys. Alternatively, stadiums often offer team apparel and accessories inside their gates, for approximately a 500% markup.

Independent retail brands are the perfect vessel to play intermediary to these polar opposites. Meeting somewhere in the middle of shopping mall, and exorbitant pricing… is a perfect opportunity for emerging brands to capitalize on the cricket frenzy.

Although tomorrow’s India vs Pak game is too short of a turn-around, the following are 3 ways to incorporate sports into your pop-up shop and gain valuable revenue:
  1. Take a catchy phrase and screen it: Garments with catchy phrases and funny pictures aren’t usually available in traditional sports brick and mortar shops, so it would be the perfect opportunity to create fan buzz at your pop-up shop. By offering these garments with trending phrases, fans will be enticed to purchase these original sports shirts, and look at the other garments your brand mainly manufactures.
  2. Place a strategic pop-up shop: Regardless of the team, or type of sport, placing your pop-up shop near a stadium is an intelligent choice to gain more foot traffic. Even if your brands identity pertains frilly pink tutus or toddlers pantsuits, a sports fan wears many hats. Granted, on game day it’s all the team’s colors, but on a typical work-week this fanatic could be an aspiring ballerina, or a mother trying to find the perfect suit for their son to play ring bearer.
  3. Plan a “game day”: If your pop-up shop lands on any important game day for your cities sports teams, take advantage and incorporate it into your event. Create a social meeting point for fans. Some examples include offering apparel from your brand that only showcases the team’s colors, or giving a percentage discount when customers wear their anything related to their favorite team. Contrary to popular belief, this will not read as gimmicky, and fans will be more responsive to your pop-up shop when they feel understood.
Target market demographics are a powerful tool when opening up a pop-up shop, but entrepreneurs must never forget the psychographics. Reading beyond income and marital status allows for brands to truly comprehend what their customer desires. During game day, what they desire is to support their favorite team. Why don’t you use this fact to your advantage and help them support YOU as well.

We may not know the outcome of tomorrow’s game, but well be sure to join in on the festivities and wear our cities pride… Go India!

Adapted from thestorefront.com 

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