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Rent a Retail or Office Space with No Lease or Security Deposit: Short Term Rentals

Things we need to ask ourselves to understand short term rentals!
    a) Can I rent shops for a week or a month?
    b) Can I rent an office on hourly or daily basis?
    c) Can I test a market by opening up a pop-up store?
    d) Can I take my business where customers are?
    e) Can I rent a space with zero security deposit and no lease?
      Ok now, let’s get to the point. Understanding Short Term Rentals!

      What are short term rentals?

      Definition is as simple as it sounds. “Renting a space for short term - viz. hours, days, weeks or even few months”

      Short term Commercial Rentals are becoming more and more popular nowadays, because of the perks that come along with them. Although, every business understands that getting a right space at the right time is very important, very few are lucky to have that opportunity because of unavailability, difficultly in accessing spaces, unrealistic terms or even unreliable sources.

      Short term rentals are used to promote, occupy or even sell products in new market. You can rent a space in any locality to reach out to your customers (read more about pop-up stores) or even have a workplace for short duration.

      How short term rental’s work?

      FindSpace.in is India’s leading commercial marketplace to book short term rentals and India’s first marketplace to provide Pop-up Stores.

      We leverage unused and underutilized space and provide them for businesses. To sum it up, FindSpace’s view on short term rentals can be described as:
      a) Any space that can be rented for few hours, days, weeks or even months.
      b) Any space that doesn’t have complications like Leases, Security Deposits, etc. 
      c) Any space that is accessible by a business for their needs.
      So, using these unused or underutilised space, one can have their business setup for short term. These spaces can be used for office, retail, advertising, event, etc.

      Why should you try short term commercial rentals?  
      • Affordability: Because short term rentals are temporary in nature and smaller in size than conventional retail or office spaces, the cost of rent is usually affordable.
      • Short term commitment: Instead of being locked into a long-term rental agreement, the brand is only committed for a fixed period of time, which means it can adapt to changes in its business and marketing plans. 
      • Brings in Attention: People are interested in the sudden existence, especially if they look unique -- for instance, retail shops or exhibitions. 
      • Testing & Experimentation: Test your Brand on the go! You can test marketing new products or trying new office environment to gauge the response, from which you can improve in future. 
      • Brand Awareness: Most of all, when you reach out to people personally, you will be promoting yourself and your brand. This will bring in a kind of trust and assurance in every customer or client.
      At the end of the day, any space that can be easily rented by a business for short term is the way to try reaching out new markets, customers, better environment and affordable options. Moreover, the best part of this is NO LEASE or NO SECURITY DEPOSITS!!!

      Let’s book a short term rental for your business. Post your Requirements and let us help you find that perfect space!