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Tips to start your own Pop Up Store - From Ideas to Sales

Pop-Up Shops also known as Temporary Retail or Flash Retail are short term shops that sell merchandise. Pop-Up shops are typically open anywhere and duration can be from 1 day to couple of months. 

Pop-Up shops are used to sell pretty much anything. It can be Clothing, Jewellery, Art, Crafts, Tech Gadgets, Food or whatever you are selling. 

Pop-Up shop is a great way to do market analysis, try out product demand or customer behavior in a particular location. 

How to start a Pop-Up Shop? 

As simple as it sounds or as short as your shop is going to be, there needs to be proper planning to run a Pop-Up Shop. You get one shot to turn your ideas into sales, do it in a proper way! 

1. Start Planning Early 
In order to get the best out of your Shop, you need to plan early! 
Think of the things that matter a lot. For starters, think of Budget, Objectives, Location, Staffing, Operations, Mishaps, Marketing, Experience, Getting Paid, etc. 

2. Calculate your Budget 
Think about all the expenditures and financial transactions involved! 
Calculating Cost is the most important part for opening a Pop-Up Shop. Consider things like Rent, Staff, Merchandise, Design, Decor, POS System, Insurance, Marketing, Moving Cost, Utilities, etc. 

3. Identify Objectives 
Have specific ideas for your short term Shops. Only the things you can actually achieve! A great example for setting objectives would be: 
  • Test the Market
  • Launch the Product
  • Raise the Brand Awareness
  • Generate Leads
  • Make Money in Sales 
  • Think of more Inventory to Sell 
Have a numbered list for your objectives and keep checking as you go. This is proven to be one of the ways to get motivated and achieve something.

4. Choose ‘The Perfect Location’
Choose the right location for selling or promoting your Brand/Product. 
Choosing right location is very important. Think of which place would bring you more customers. A great example would be choosing locations near Market if you are planning to sell Food Products. Some of the other things that you should look into are: Choose High Foot Traffic Area Choose Friendly Neighbourhood Pick places where people hang out for long time – Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Movie Theatres, etc. 

5. Staffing – Get the right Employees 
Decide if you need to hire people for help in your Pop-Up Shop. 
If you need to hire people for your Pop-Up shop, then might have to think about a few things like – how many people to hire, what will you pay, will they need training, etc. 

6. The Big Marketing Strategy
Spread the word as quickly and as effectively as possible. 
You will have to market your Pop-Up shop even before you plan to buy a space. Since, it is short term you get very less time to market when you have your shop open. The best way of marketing your shop would be: Start with friends, friends of friends and family - and spread the word out as much as possible. Get some Digital Marketing help – Get on facebook, write blogs and advertise. Build Relationships with Local Influencers. Try Partnering up with other Businesses. 

7. The best Customer Experience
Keep your customers happy and treat them with respect. 
Last, but not the least – A happy Customer is what you need in order to run any business. So, be humble and treat them well when they come. Provide Quality Merchandise, Latest Trends, keep your shop clean, welcome them when they enter, etc. 

Now Follow Up! Start to think how effective your work has been. Think about how good your product/service can be in near future and think of getting it in market. Pop-Up shop is a must try for India. Find the best marketplace to promote your Brand/Product and start your Pop-Up Shop. 

All the Best!

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