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Our Experience @ Surge Conference 2016, Bangalore

To start with, Surge was a “Whirlwind of inspiring talks, determined start-ups and a whole lot of hustle”. Hosting one of the biggest conferences in Bangalore, with more than 5000 plus attendees from 70 different countries, sitting on 2100 chairs underneath 461 light bulbs, it was special for a lot of Start-Up’s like us to present their company.

How we got started with Surge?

We were very enthusiastic when we heard about Surge coming to Bangalore, home for FindSpace and many other Indian startups.

We applied to be a part of the alpha program and were interviewed over Skype for 15 minutes six months before the surge conference. We were selected for the alpha exhibitor package (exhibition stand + 4 attendee tickets) at a discounted price.

The response we got before Surge Conference

Firstly, we were excited like 200+ other startup’s to attend and present our company in front of 5000 people.

The next thing that got us exciting about Surge was the Pitch Competition. We were selected in 40 startup’s pitching on 23rd Feb out of 200 start-up’s who wanted to compete. This got us a lot of attention and presence both online and offline.

I was completely thunder struck when I saw a blog post on surge “From India’s First Smart Scooter to Fantasy Cricket: Ten Startup’s doing Amazing Things”, where we were featured in Top 10 Start-up’s doing amazing things.

Things that happened in Surge Conference

The conference was on 23rd and 24th Feb 2016. First day was all about presenting FindSpace.in with a stall and second day to meet and interact with start-up’s and people.

Already excited, we started our day setting up our stall and getting ready for the pitch competition. The crowd, enthusiasm and environment gave us the clutch to present our product better. 

The best part of having a stall in Surge where I was standing with my associates was, getting to know other start-up’s, meeting interested investors and explaining possible customers. Although, the most important part of being at surge is pitching in front of enthusiastic businesses, we also got a chance to interact with them directly after the pitch competition. 

The effervescence that we could see in people after the pitch, was what we expected. People started reaching out to us – Media, Customers, Investors and Start-Up’s sharing same interests.

We also got a chance to attend round table meetup’s where we had a great opportunity to discuss about how we are solving real problems in commercial real estate and also at the same time learn how we can improve.

At the end of the day, things we realized for FindSpace could be put in these statements:

“What works?”
“What works best?’
“Let’s find out, and do more of that.”

Finally, the best recitation:

It’s vital to maintain a collective responsibility as a team to reach out a lot of people in conference like surge and that’s exactly what we did. There needs to be a greater willingness among startup’s to challenge each other, share knowledge within their own circle and apply that knowledge. 

We will expect to learn and experience more in next Surge!

Prashanth Jagadeesh
Digital Marketing Specialist, FindSpace.in
Bangalore, Karnataka