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Rate and Review Flea Markets on FindSpace™

Before we get into anything, let’s just define what we are trying to do!

We are making it easier for both event organizers and vendors to have a place where they can rate and review each other to build a better flea market community by providing a complete marketplace to look, book, rate and share experiences about all the flea markets happening around.
Hosting events vary greatly in the degree of professionalism from event managers/organizers in order that the event produces the correct feel or atmosphere desired by the vendors of the event. In order to inform potential participants, FindSpace™ has devised the Flea Market Rating System to better inform vendors and participants what to expect and how to gauge their returns.

Good ratings show that members are trustworthy and recommended by the community. In case you are an event organizer and you have good ratings from your vendors, other members will want to do business with you, making it easier to organize your event. In case if you are a vendor and you have a good rating from event organizers, others would be more welcoming and offer you their best.

The rating system we would love to introduce:
  • 5 stars - An exceptional experience! You were very comfortable; they were very trustworthy and reliable.
  • 4 stars - Event organizer/Vendor was reliable, you felt comfortable and you had a very pleasant experience. 
  • 3 stars - It was an overall positive experience. 
  • 2 stars - the experience was not great and you would not recommend it. 
  • 1 star - the event organizer/vendor was unpleasant, and you are disappointed with them.
Let’s list some of the questions we want you to ask yourself! 
  1. Are you an event organizer and do you need a place for rating your vendors?
  2. Are you a vendor and would you like to share your experience? 
  3. Are you looking for which events suits you well?
When we asked these questions to both vendors and event organizers, we got a great response on both sides. We thought how effective this rating system could be and how it could help the flea market community. So, if you are on board to build a better community where transparency and professionalism matters the most, we already have it ready for you!

Let’s start looking for those events and their reviews on FindSpace™