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Using Flea markets as your business birthplace and catalyst !

How to morph your hobby into a flowing business using local flea markets?

Art displays, fine craft carnivals and street marketplace are each apt locations to setup a pop up store to test the viability of a product and learn from fellow businesses.
Morphing your hobby into a habit which fabricates itself into a passion have more often than not been the driving motivation for many entrepreneurs to dedicate themselves to turn this hobby into a successful running business. Lots of instances speak the tale of chefs , artists and retailers living that story. Many entrepreneur opt to showcase their product for the first time in a local event or flea market for the sheer reason that it sets the perfect stage to measure the waters of public demand and excitement for your product / services.

Additionally the cost to setup your shop is going to be a bare minimum and you will have a good inflow of foot traffic because of the buzz created about the event which hosts your interim store. To square a cherry on top of this, if your business idea is inline to the theme of the event , it will reward you with a massive swarm of people becoming acquainted to your offerings, who will have huge potential to turn into your loyal customers.

So how do we execute our business in the local marketplace / event ?

1.)  Testing the waters-> If your hobby is good enough to setup a business, renting a stall at a local flea market is a very bold option. Most such events have a nominal fee for setting up a pop up store but generates considerable inflow of audience and awareness for your brand/business.

2.)  Figuring out trends and desires-> Such events are also a gem to figure out and update yourself with the demand of the public and evolving your business or idea to meet the current wants of the public. This information is indispensable as it can work as a “want-o”meter for local retailers.

3.)  Learning like a businessman -> a learned businessman knows that updating yourself with the reactions of the public to your product and learning from local competition is what will make their market grow and thrive. A local flea event sets the perfect stage to make those calculations and accessing wants and not’s.

4.  Building a loyal customer base-> Fortunately flea markets provide a one-to-one interaction between the customer and the business owner. Good networking will definitely entrance the customer to come back to you again and again.

5.)  Executing a proper strategy afterwards-> So finally people know you exists and what you do and they are also fond of your service. Opening up a full time store or a dedicated website might be the next step to up your sales game and become a full time owner of a successfully running business.

6.)  Startups can target the thicker belt of the pyramid -> The onlooking visitors to such events are generally people from the wider portion of the economic pyramid , which is to say the largest but economic section of the society. Building a rapport with these people will not only guarantee you their business but also ensure extensive personal marketing within these circles.

With all that been said, look out for upcoming flea markets in your locality and jam in whenever you find yourself a good event with an appealing theme and a good, active location in your city. Cheers and Best of luck :D!