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How to successfully sell at a flea market event?

11 tips for vendors to participate in a flea market event successfully!

Acing the art of being a successful vendor at a flea market event can be easy and fruitful if some quality planning and research is done before hand. Flea market give small time businesses a powerful platform to showcase their products to a wide range of audience. With a little homework and execution anyone can be a regular seller at the “flea game”. Your main points to plan and work on can be divided up into many smaller and simple steps.

So here's what you need to work on the most->

  •     Understanding flea markets -> taking a small tour to a close by flea market will give you a good sense of the setting of the event and will wire you up with a better understanding of your requirements and expectations.
  •     Get a schedule of all upcoming flea markets in your city or within your borders of operation and mark out which ones you may be interested in participating.
  •     Talk to your fellow vendors and understanding all the know-hows of participating in a flea market and setting up your own vendor stall.
  •     Understand that booth’s near the entrances are showered with the maximum portion of the footfall in the event. It is natural for people to be more excited about shopping as soon as they enter the flea market.
  •     Choose your stall space at a strategic location. Get a layout of the stalls and choose the location of your stall near to other vendors which sell products complementary to your own. For example , if you are a vendor selling hand purses, setting up your store next to a woman attire booth might be a nice idea
  •     Choose your product wisely and in-line with the theme of the event. Choosing the suppliers which are favored by the general population or those which have a good name in the market will obviously make your offerings more desirable to the customers.
  •     Setting up a credit card accepting process might do wonders for your sales. A lot of customers find it preferable to pay by card or sometimes people are not carrying enough cash to pay for commodities they can buy.
  •     Building a rapport with customers on the day of the event is probably the most important element for successful sales and future market.
  •  People love to shop from someone who they know personally or someone who is patient, friendly and charismatic while they are flocking around your store.
  •     Properly account for all your flea market activities including the costs and the profits. This will help you to plan out better in the future.
  •  Tagging your goods with prices tags is a good idea as it bring in a sense of professionalism.
  • Decorating your stall in order for it to echo the image of your product or service is a great idea to attract audiences.

In the end the most important thing is to focus on the people that might be interested in buying your product. Being a patient and socially active businessman would also give your sales that special acceleration. Best of luck!

So check out all the flea markets in your area now ->