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Using the 'festimate' tool to compare rental prices across different areas and locations

A quick guide on using the festimate tool on www.FindSpace.in ->

For a very long time it has been difficult for people who wish to own their own commercial office or retail space to get unbiased / non hiked prices for such properties and compare such spaces in different localities as the brokers who generally deal in these properties manipulate and hike the prices for making additional capital gains. www.FindSpace.in brings you the ultimate tool to tackle this problem and compare and contrasts property rates in different parts of the country at the convenience of your laptop or computer.

Go to www.FindSpace.in and click on the “Rental estimate” tab in the tool bar. The Festimate rental value is FindSpace™'s estimated market value for an individual commercial space. It is a starting point in determining a commercial space's rental. The "Festimate" is automatically computed based on thousands of public and user-submitted data points.

After scrolling down you will see a map with colored dots like the picture above. A different color signifies a different average per sq. feet rate of establishments in the area which can be interpreted from the scale provided in the top-right corner of the map. Pointing your cursor at a specific location will pop-up a dialogue box with the average sq. feet rate of that locality.

Average price in the HSR layout area


Further clicking on the dot will zoom the map to individually list the buildings in that specific locality. The map will list all available rental spaces in the locality with the color of the dots again pointing to their average per sq. feet rate. Pointing the cursor at the dot representing a specific building will further give the individual rates of the spaces by dissecting it according to different floors as shown in the picture below.

Comparing average rates of different floors of the same building.
Your search can be made specific to list only retail or office space according to your needs by selecting the appropriate tab in the top-left corner of the map.

How are the averages calculated? The average rate for any locality or building is calculated by summing up the rates of all available rental spaces in that capsule and averaging it out by the total area of rental space available within the capsule. Such a tool is indispensable in comparing rates for different available commercial spaces from an unbiased perspective and also indicate's the commercial latency of individual location on the principle that a higher price of a spot is due to its commercial proficiency.

Next time whenever you find yourself in the need of renting a office or retail shop make sure to drop by and take advantage of this powerful and informative tool to choose the location for your desired spot according to your need and pocket size. Hope you do well with your business :D !
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