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Dark side of flea market events. Part 2 of 3: Plight of an event organizer.

I suggest you to read part 1 (click here) of this blog series before reading this part 2 blog.

Let’s move on to the other side of the flea story. This article will narrate the problems faced by the event organizers  I will discuss issues ranging from payments to generating footfall coupled with working in harmony with the vendors.

Let’s scan through what’s really f**ked up about being an event organizer in the present ecosystem:

a.       Venue: Venue cost is one of the most important factors that decide the stall rentals. Not only should the venue be a place which sees a lot of visitors it should also be in line with the theme of the event. Further it should not see heavy competition with a nearby marketplace as that may end up stealing the potential footfall of the event. Event organizers are succumbing to the demands of the venue administrators because of competition amongst themselves, thus over paying venue rentals. The biggest obstacle is finding a good venue within a suitable budget.

b.      Competition: Too many events happening on the same date’s puts event organizers in a rat race. Also, too many event organizers conducting events at the same venue too frequently is equally detrimental. This probably is one of the top most reasons why vendors lose faith in flea markets.

c.       Marketing: Most of the event organizers plan their marketing budget based on the number of bookings and most of the bookings happen in the last minute. Thus, marketing for most of the events happen in the last minute. Furthermore the conventional ways of marketing are quickly losing their grip and does not guarantee footfall.

d.      Stall bookings: Event organizers who encourage stall bookings without taking any payment in advance find themselves struggling to collect payments from vendors. I did not see a single event organizer so far who did not run into issues trying to collect rentals from vendors. Some unethical vendors even on a good day bitch and moan about all problems in the world trying to get whatever discount they can. Some vendors do not even show up on the day of the event as they do not have anything to lose.

e.       Pricing: Some event organizers over price the stall rentals accounting to the fact they either misjudge the “quality” of their event or are simply greedy and believe that generating false hopes among the vendors will enable them to pay the price.

f.        Capital efficiency: Cash flow has become a constant issue for some of the event organizers. These event organizers tend to rotate cash so much from one event to another they are simply unable to refund vendors or pay up other bills on time. Not refunding on time leads to a mistrust from the vendors and they resist to pay up stall rentals before the event for all events.

g.       Politics: Couple of event organizers have turned out to be a pain in the as* for other event organizers. These pain in the as* organizer(s) stoop so low that they are ready to play dirty games and play spoil sport for others in the eco-system.

h.      New Players: Some vendors turned event organizers claim themselves to have come into organising events to save co-vendors from “greedy” event organizers. They usually get surprised when they see the other side of the coin. These new players usually organize events at the same venues other organizers are already doing or over pay venues or fail in marketing making it difficult for the existing players.

i.         Stall allocation: Almost all vendors want a corner stall or a stall near the entrance. Event organizers find themselves arguing with vendors who questions their stall allocation process. Remember, some of these vendors confirm their stalls in the last minute without paying a single penny in advance.

Conclusion: Vendors fear that they might lose on hard earned money and precious time if the event does not see a fair amount of attendees. If an event organizer expect to establish as an organizer that these vendors turn to when they want to make some serious cash you ought to stay honest with them and also live up to their expectations. A great deal of mistrust is generated in the present scenario when organizers make sky high claims about their event and terribly fail to deliver. I will discuss on how we can overcome these problems in part 3 of this blog series.



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